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Pen Voice Recorder

This is a discreet covert high quality Pen Voice Recorder. Record up to 13 hours with single battery charge also is voice activated.The capacity is 4GB .

We offer this device for hidden recording audio during meeting or leave it behind for recording audio in home or office or even in the car as voice activated.

Pen Voice Recorder


Smallest Voice activated Digital High quality voice recorder
This is an amazing 21x14x7mm voice activated voice recordr. Records with high quality 64kbps.
VM-4 works with 3.7V Li-plymer battery and cpacity for recording is 25 Hours.
VM-4 has internal Mic and pick up sounds from 30 feets away and also you can use it as discreet disguised spy voice recorder for hidding it and put it in the hand bag, Lady bag, Jacket pocket, rain jacket .........

unbeliveable sound quality and best voice reproduction. MV-4 is best voice activated recorder for home, office and anywhere you want to know what is going on.

Micro voice recorder


Fully working 13 Amp Plug Adaptor 160Hours Voice activated Recorder.
This is fully working 13 Amp double Adaptor mains plug with hidden automatic voice recorder; it is your best choice for discreet voice recorder. As soon as you plug the adaptor to electric socket will start record automatically voices. High quality recorded voices can down load to your computer via USB port. You also can transfer the recorded voices to CD for high quality digital media.This amazing plug voice recorder has no indication during recording.

plug adaptor voice recorder


Shipment all around the world


Video Surveillance

 Car Key fob video recorder
Motion Activation
Compact and pinhole camera which can record audio and video signals up to 90minutes. You can link the unit to your computer via USBlead.The Keyfob is motion activated and accept up to 32GB micro SD card.

video surveillance


CD case Video/Audio Recorder.
Sipmply switch on the video recorder and put the CD case between the other CD case . Record audio and video discreetly with motion activation.
CD case video record record with time and date on 32 GB memory supplied for long hours monitoring discreetly.


Calculator Video and Audio Recorder

This product may look like an ordinary pair of sunglasses, but this clever device is infact a video and audio recorder, activated with the touch of a button. Recordings are easily accessed through a USB connection.




Audio Surveillance

13Amp fully working plug Listening Device or Voice Activated(Option)

High quality micro GSM transmitter which is disguised as an ordinary object. We can also disguise a micro GSM transmitter into any other ordinary object which the customer requests.


Wall Microphone

SpyStoreUK offers an excellent listen-through-the-wall device for listening into conversations happening in the next room, or top and bottom floors, without any entry needed. Just stick the sensor to the joint wall and listen of what is going on.Also comes with needle microphone for discreet entry.


Watch Voice Recorder
Counter Surveillance

Camera Lens Finder

The Laser Camera Lens Detector / Finder is a feature-rich and brand-new device designed to quickly and easily locate any wired or wireless hidden cameras.


Spy Cobra computer Software

The invisble software installed in few seconds and can record all key logging and other computer activties.
Later you can download the recorded data and view what happened .


DAB Radio Wi-Fi

This easy-to-use Wi-Fi Fully working DAB radio and you can see by your smart phone from any where in the world . You can recorder by command from your mobile phone on the micro SD card of the unit with maximum capacity 64 GB.


Telephone Recorder

Micro Filer Telephone Recorder
AD-5 ADSL Microfilter Telephone Recorder
Amazing long hours telephone conversations recorder which record both way telephone conversations clearly. Simply plug it to any wall telephone socket and discreetly switched on. Recording capacity to 200 hours.USB Plug & Play


DTR40- Digital Telephone Recorder
This is smallest Digital Telephone recorder which can record both way telephone conversations clearly .
Simply plug the DTR40 in to any wall telephone socket, now switch to record mode and DTR will record automatically any incoming or out going.

DTR40 will work with any telephone system provider such as BT, Virgin, Talk Talk,Etc.
The battery inside the DTR is rechargeable and last for 40 hours.
This telephone recorder is USB Plug & Play and has recording capacity of 200 hours.
All recorded conversations can be up loaded to your computer and you can delete whole memory for next recording session.



Bluetooth Mobile Phone Recorder
Amazing Voice recorder with 4GB micro SD card can record voices and also you can set it to bluetooth mobile phone recorder.
Record bothway mobile phone conversations clearly.
You can use for your Land line telephone recorder as well .


Bug Detectors

Bug Verifier

The Bug Verifier enables you to carry out an electronic sweep/counter surveillance easily and quickly in order to ensure that you are not being bugged when having a confidential meeting or private conversation on the phone. This product is excellent for giving you peace of mind if you think you are being bugged. Covers from 1MHZ to 900MHZ which are the band of all VHF and UHF Bugging /Listening devices.



Multi-Band Scanner

Very sensitive and covers up to 1.2GHZ.
Works with 4xAA batteries.
Covers FM, VHF and UHF in different modulation modes.


Wireless Camera Detector

Small and portable electronic sweep and counter surveillance product which will find and display any wireless spy cameras in your home, office or in your car.
It is a fully automatic search and detects any hidden cameras.



This is one of best tracing devices for electronic sweeps and counter surveillance when you are looking to find any bugging devices such as UHF/VHF micro transmitters, Tele-tap devices, GSM transmitters and tracking devices. Covers frequency from 1MHZ up to 6GHZ and gives you warning by sounds or quiet vibrations.


Car Tracker

Car Tracker

The Car Tracker is a GSM/GPS device which can be hidden inside or even outside the car. It will locate the moving target car and show you where the car is, on your computer or your mobile phonewith SMS.


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